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Topgear Viofo Dash Cam/Video Record/phone HardWire Kit–battery Drain Protected


Mini-usb powered dashcam & recorder & phone charger kit

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Product Name: Topgears Mini USB port car hardwire and parking monitoring / video recorder / radar / cellphone charger wiring

    The Hardwire Fuse Kit with Mini USB Bundle has everything you need to charge your dash cam, cellphone, tablets or other devices from your car’s battery even if your engine is off. It has low voltage protection so that you can use to power your dash camera 24 hours a day without draining your battery to dead. You can record video in your car continuously without draining the battery of your car. If you’re worried about someone breaking into your car when it’s in the parking lot, you can rest assured that your dash camera will always be on and ready to record. The Dash Cam Hardwire Kit keeps your 12V outlet free, so you can keep your phone charged and power your dash camera at the same time. It also means that there’s less RF interference or static when you’re listening to the radio. You can play your favourite station without losing the signal.

What’s Included: 
1 x Mini USB Hard wire Kit


Perfect for: parking surveillance
Hardwire kit for dash cameras that use mini USB
24 hour surveillance protects against battery dying Less RF interference
Keeps 12V cigarette outlet free

Does not alter original wiring. Easily installs.
Gives power to a number of electronic devices.

Technical Details:
Connector: Mini USB Connector
Input Voltage:12V-24V
Output Voltage:5V
Output Current:2A
Working Temperature:-40~ 160 Degree F

Kindly reminder:
– If you don’t have experience on installing the hardwire kits for the dash cam, please ask a professional for help.




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