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Mi Water Kettle



Product size: 204 mm * 145 mm * 235 mm
Rated voltage: 220V
Capacity: 1.5L
Rated power: 1800 w
Product weight: …

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Product size: 204 mm * 145 mm * 235 mm

Rated voltage: 220V

Capacity: 1.5L

Rated power: 1800 w

Product weight: 1.24 kg

Rated frequency: 50 hz

Wireless connection: Bluetooth 4.0

304 stainless steel; Triple security protection; 5 minutes fast boil; UK STRIX Thermostat; Japan Shibaura temperature sensor;

Package included :

1x Xiaomi Mijia Kettles

1x User Manual

1x Free Plug

Xiaomi thermostat kettle 

Water temperature intelligent control | 304 stainless steel liner | rapid boiling | triple protection

Different water, suitable temperature >>

Make Pu\’er tea with boiling water will be more mellow, make green tea with 80 ~ 90 water will taste best, too high temperature of probiotics and honey water will destroy the nutritional content. Xiaomi smart thermostat kettle can Intelligent control the temperature of water, open the phone Bluetooth, through the Xiaomi home APP connection, set the temperature you need directly on the phone. Not only can be heated directly to the setted temperature, you can also keep it at the set temperature.



From sunset to sunrise, warm and lasting >>

Up to 12 hours of constant temperature, the laboratory test boiling water keep 90 degrees after boiling insulation, sustainable 12 hours of insulation, power consumption is only 0.532 degrees (Kw.h).

Good liner, in order to burn a pot of good water >>

Direct contact with the water liner, roof and temperature sensors and other components from all selected from Pohang\’s GB9684 standard quality 304 stainless steel. This stainless steel material is very safe, is widely used in medical treatment

And the food industry, and has not rust, anti-scaling, no smell, easy to clean and so on.

Triple protection, rest assured >>

Patented power connector design, there is no risk of electric shock. Even if the water accidentally spilled

Source connector, it will not leak. At the same time rice home thermostat kettle with dry protection function, when monitoring

To dry and dry, it will automatically power, to prevent the accident caused by dry heat.

Double-pot body, not hot insulation >>

Xiaomi thermostat kettle made by inside and outside the double-pot body, the stainless steel liner with food-grade PP plastic wrapped up and left a hollow insulation layer. Even if the inner temperature up to 100 , kettle external

Only 40 , Insulation and not hot.

Design of two – stage damping type >>

Press the lid open button, the lid will slowly open to 45 °, the pot cover of hot water beads will not

Will splash out, to prevent water burns. In addition the lid can also open to 80 °, square

You will further clean the liner.

Power cord can be wrapped >>

The extra length of the power cord can be wrapped around the base inside, placed more complete use

Clean and more beautiful.

UK STRIX thermostat >>

Xiaomi thermostat kettle with British STRIX thermostat, the service life of up to 10 years.

Japan\’s Shibaura / Huagong high-temperature sensor >>

Temperature accuracy of ± 1%, when the detection of water temperature reaches the set temperature, it will be based on you

The need to automatically stop heating or start the insulation process.

Good pot should be with good water >>

With a millet water purifier, effectively reduce the scale generated

When the water contains inorganic salts, bacteria and organic matter and other impurities, in the high-temperature boiling conditions and the container is formed with the adhesion of the scale, millet water purifier can effectively filter the weight of tap water

Metal, inorganic, suspended particles and other impurities, reduce the scale of production, purification of water in line with the “national standard of food safety, drinking water” standard *, so that family members drink safe water.

* China Center for Disease Control and Environmental Health and Related Product Safety / Guangdong Provincial Microbiology Analysis and Testing Center Monitoring / Analysis and Testing Center of Guangzhou, China test report data

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 37 × 7 cm


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